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Redefining Excellence

Horizon Healthcare Partners : Five components of “Excellence” in Mental Health

The National Council asserts and we agree that new federal legislation needs to result in improvement in the five areas noted below:

Improved Accessibility

HHP  will advocate for public funding for the services that clients ask for that are not covered by their health plans.

HHP members will  use Open Access/Walk-In scheduling so that clients can start the admission process when they are ready.

HHP  members  will assist applicants with applying for health insurance, with establishing payment plans for high copays, and we will help connect applicants to other self-help and peer support resources.

Improved Engagement and Wellness

Our members coordinate care with other health providers and support our clients’ choices and priorities regarding there wellness plans.

Our members assure that our services are home and community-based and available at the times and locations that clients request.

Our member agencies employ psychiatrists, nurses, health educators, medical assistants to assist our clients in their self management of both thier mental health and physical health.

Improved Comprehensiveness of Services

Our members are committed to the notion that mental health is achieved and maintained only by addressing housing, employment, health and human service needs, along with the symptoms of a behavioral  health problem.

Our members have developed Rhode Island’s broadest array of job training, residential options, and acute and long-term “community support services” in order to assist clients in their recovery.

Our members are firmly committed to hiring peer advocates, recovery coachs, and professional staff with family or personal experience with mental health and addiction problems.

Greater Attention to Outcomes

HHP members reduce the frequency of psychotic episodes, hospitalizations and institutional-level care for both children and adults.
HHP members reduce government and health plan costs of care but providing longer term, home and community based alternatives  for thousands of Rhode Island residents in recovery.

HHP members  provide efficient and effective outpatient mental health services by providing intensive outpatient, acute stabilization and 24/7 emergency services that reduce the use of emergency rooms and psychiatric hospitalization.

Our clients get jobs, serve on Boards, act as peer advocates and, with resilience, walk their individual paths to recovery.

Demonstrate our Value to Taxpayers and Community

Our clinicians are licensed and credentialed ; they develop an individualized plan with each person served and receive regular supervision and consultation from their team.

Our members are highly experienced in adjusting for  the adverse effects that trauma, poverty, or self-medicating may  play in our clients’ recovery.

HHP member services are among the most cost effective health and human services because we reduce our clients reliance on more costly levels of care.