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Community Care Alliance
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Our Mission

Our mission is to assist our members in retaining autonomy and preserving client-driven missions, as well as improving services to clients and employees by integrating, coordinating, achieving economies of scale and efficiency, enhancing revenues, and containing costs.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to enhance the quality, convenience and availablity of services for the clients of our members. This is achieved by sharing unique clinical and administrative skills and expertise among the members,coordinating activities related to seeking grants and contracts when a state-wide or regional capacity is required or beneficial and offering these same services and benefits to other nonprofit organizations.

Our Goals

Our Goals include; ensuring equitable access and affordable services for those recovering from a serious mental illness; supporting our member agencies in diverting higher risk client groups to community based mentalhealth/substance abuse alternatives; gathering data and information to ensure high quality community based, cost effective member services; creating a network of sufficient size to recruit and retain the best staff talent.

Our Shared Values

Principles That Will Inform Our Work Together